Dance styles @ Tango Live 2011 festival

Styles of Argentine Tango:

We have been asked by Vancouver dancers about the dance styles the festival will have. So here is a bit of an insight what to expect.

The majority of the Argentine tango festivals usually represent several basic styles: Tango Salon, Tango Nuevo, Milonguero Style and Show Tango. While we respect and admire all these styles the main focus on our festival is given to Tango Salon with some elements of Nuevo Tango and Milonguero Style. Each dancer and teacher is unique and often has experience in several styles of Argentine Tango, so we prefer to simplify the style description to distinguishing between CLOSE and OPEN EMBRACE rather than particular styles. We refer to these styles generically, because within them are other styles such as Milonguero being close, and Nuevo being open. There are also hybrids and sliding embraces and myriad other things.

Our WORKSHOPS PROGRAM offers classes on both close and open embrace and often demonstrates both styles within the same class. All Tango Live instructors know how to dance both close and open embrace, and they will often do both as appropriate especially for demonstrations. In most communities, open embrace is taught to complete beginners and they learn close embrace later or in the milongas. It is beneficial for dancers to learn both styles, as this allows for greater flexibility on the dance floor and easily adapting to the partner (if needed). The greater balance required for open embrace can improve your close embrace.

We believe that it is desirable and very practical to be able to apply tips from the teachers depending on what you would like to express through your dancing, though it largely depends on space available on the dance floor. Festival dancers are an adaptable bunch, just like in the milongas of Buenos Aires, therefore when the space decreases, dancers will naturally assume the close embrace even if they are fond of the open embrace style. A few couples may still dance in open embrace if they believe they are skilful at navigation. It's the nature of dancing tango in crowded environments people to be flexible and respectful, so we recommend dancing close when things get tight. Rest assured that the teachers and festival dancers are very accomplished close embrace dancers also, in fact, they are equally adept at both!

We prefer not to divide tango up based on styles. Each person is free to choose and develop his/her personal style… Tango Live is for everyone! :) All styles are welcome and improving navigation skills through classes and practicing dancing in different spaces is highly recommended.

Tips on "Floor Craft" (Improving Navigation Skills)

We hope this information is helpful. If you have questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you.
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