Thank you for your interest in supporting and being part of VANCOUVER TANGO LIVE 2011 FESTIVAL - 2nd International Argentine Tango Week in Vancouver. We appreciate your contributors and are very happy to share our success with all of you. You can find more information on our Mission Statement and Goals on the "Tango Live" page.

The success of Tango Live 2011 Festival partly depends on funding, this year it will mostly be supported by sponsors and contributors. We are happy to offer sponsorship opportunities for companies and private investors, and we kindly accept donations.

We treat sponsorships as true partnerships and there are several sponsorships packages to choose from. Customized sponsorships are possible to suit the needs of your company -we are open to your ideas.

We offer unique hospitality opportunities, extensive branding, sampling and experiential marketing opportunities, advertising and inclusion in a comprehensive marketing campaign. You can choose to support a particular part of the festival program and budget, for example, Tango Live Orchestra or Maestros travel and accommodation expenses, venue & facilities rentals, exhibitions, etc. Monetary and in-kind contributions are welcome. To find out more information on how you and your company can benefit from contributing to the success of our multicultural festival, please contact the Sponsorship & Development Manager – randy@tangolive.ca

We've had very positive feedback on our 1st Tango Live Festival (April 22-26, 2010) and we are sure that Tango Live 2011 will be an extremely exciting event! We look forward to hear from you and it is our sincere hope that you will be inspired by the festival and Argentine Tango and that you will be pleased to be a partner in this great event and maybe even join our Argentine Tango Community.


If you would like to support a festival on a philanthropic basis you are welcome to make a donation (we accept both in-kind and monetary donations). Contact our Sponsorship & Development Manager randy@tangolive.ca for more information. Thank you in advance.
Please let us know if you would like to be mentioned as a sponsor of the festival or remain anonymous.