Randy Foo moved from Calgary, Alberta, where he was born and raised, to Portland Oregon in 2000 for a career opportunity and he discovered Argentine tango in the vibrant Portland community in 2003. An avid dancer ever since, he trained with several notable Portland area teachers including Alex Krebs, Maia Wells, Megan Pingree, Patricia Thompson, and visiting masters such as Alicia Pons and Luciana Valle to name only a few. Randy was influential in the Vancouver WA tango community, training dancers and DJing a weekly guided practica for a year and a half. In 2009, Randy moved to Vancouver BC. He has a very community minded approach, having been heavily influenced by the Portland area communities and by previous non profit experience as a founder, CEO and president. Outside of tango, he works as an IT consultant primarily in the high tech industry and has worked at HP, Nortel, and Kindercare. Most of his spare time is spent at tango, but for other activities Randy likes to play music (jazz on guitar) tinker with graphic design, program, fly radio controlled aircraft, ski, and do photography.

"Tango is like life - to be is to be related, and we each have a unique opportunity to touch the life of another and co-create something of beauty. Working with a partner teaches us that there is more to the world than just ourselves. It is a joy to share our passions with others, and there can be no greater gift than tango for inspiring and connecting people. My sincere belief is that what benefits one, benefits us all, so giving the means to experience this wonderful dance and the special connection with others that come along with it is my goal."


Tango Live is a volunteer run festival. The many volunteers make the festival possible. We would like to thank those who participated last year, including instructor hosts, drivers, desk staff, and many others who donated their time and efforts. This year is no different than last. Our event promises to be as outstanding as last years.


"We look forward to welcoming in Vancouver our guest artists & teachers, tango dancers from around the world, as well as aspiring dancers and general public. Hopefully, it will be an exciting event for everyone and the beauty of spring bloom will make it even more special."

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