Los Gatos Azules Orchestra

"Los Gatos Azules" brings the excitement, energy, and precision of the Golden Age of Argentine Tango to dancers around the United States. Playing classics from Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Roldolfo Biagi and other orchestras of the era the band strives to reestablish the vibrant connection between tango music and tango social dance.  The group was founded by Ben Bogart in 2005, and garnered much recognition in the dance community, winning the Tango de Los Muertos Battle of the Bands in 2006, and releasing their first CD in 2007.  Ben and Korey began collaborating in 2006 with the Tango de Los Muertos Monster Orchestra. The success of this project, and the continuing support of non-profit organizations like Project Tango, and Tango Mercurio led to the ongoing mission of bringing tango musicians together to play for festival dancers.

This Ultimately became the all-star incarnation of Los Gatos Azules, drawing the best talent from American festival orchestras. Los Gatos Azules are currently touring the west coast and recording a CD to be released this summer.


Korey Ireland - Bandoneon (Berlin)

Ben Bogart - Bandoneon (BsAs/LA)

Alfredo Minetti - Piano (Uruguray/Indiana)

Pablo Hopenhayn - Violin (LA)

Mishkar Nuñez Meijia - Violin (LA)

Chris Johnson - Bass (SF)