Vancouver Tango Live 2011 for their 2nd International Argentine Tango Week is thrilled to host great Argentine tango dancers and musicians from Argentina, Europe and North America, such as:

El Parjaro and Belen reside in Europe. They are world famous for their charisma, witty and creative performances as well as great teaching. They display excellent musicality and attract attention wherever they go with their grace and elegance. They are in very high demand at festivals around the world as teachers and performers, and we are fortunate to have them at Tango Live 2011.

Homer & Cristina , from SanFrancisco (when they rest their feet in one place :) are perhaps the most famous touring social tango teachers and dancers of non-Argentine origin. They are beloved everywhere they appear, and are open minded and friendly. They encourage partner connection and being playful in ones dance whether it is close embrace or Nuevo style. They foster active roles for leader and follower alike. This is what they call 'organic tango.'

Korey & Adeline from USA and Europe, now residing in Berlin, are wonderful and creative teachers and dancers. Adeline is a new partner for Korey (and a new life partner as well!) Their style emphasizes the integration of close embrace, tango salon, and Nuevo. They are focused on teaching social dance. Korey is well known as a composer in the US music industry, and has many tango arrangements of classics to his credit. He organizes tango orchestras at festivals around the world. Korey lead the 2010 Tango Live orchestra which was so well received by festival attendees, and he will once again lead the 2011 Orchestra.

Burak Ozkosem , is now based in beautiful Montreal. He manages to combine social dancing with teaching in different cities, organizing tango events, as well as DJ-ing. Performances of Burak are always warmly accepted and loved for the expressive creativity, wittiness and playfulness.

With Special Appearance of "Eastern Promises":
Vladimir Estrin & Meng Wang are well known dancers and teachers in North America. The performances of this charming duo are playful and surprising. Meng recently relocated to Vancouver, and we hope that other tango dancers and teachers will be inspired to move here as well.

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