Korey Ireland & Adeline Schieferstein

Korey Ireland is a professional composer turned tango-addict. He brings a lifetime of musical experience and an unquenchable thirst for tango to his teaching. He developed his dancing on social dance floors of the world's tango capitals and with a great deal of guidance from some spectacular teachers (Winkler, Jeurissen, Valle, Naveira, Krebs).

Originally from Kansas City, Korey has spent the better part of the last eight years traveling and teaching tango in England, Holland, Spain, Germany, Russia and Argentina, sharing his passion for tango, music, expression, and connection. In recent years, this mission has grown to include work with aspiring tango musicians at festival throughout North America and Europe to create live music for dancers.

In November he led the "Monster Orchestra" of Tango de los Muertos resulting in a live CD of his arrangements and transcriptions released in late 2009. Korey recently founded Community Tango Orchestras in different cities - these orchestras are dedicated to nurturing the tradition of golden age tango for dancers and musicians. Vancouver Tango Live Orchestra led by Korey Ireland in April 2010 had enormous success at the 1st Vancouver International Argentine Tango Week as it really makes a difference when most of the musicians in the orchestra are excellent tango dancers themselves.

Adeline Schieferstein's dance experience began with a decade of jazzdance and aerobics, which led to her first teaching experiences. In 2002, she found argentine tango and was fascinated by the degree of awarenesss necessary for tango's intensity of connection.

Adeline started teaching tango during her time at Humboldt university in Berlin, where she recieved her Masters in Gender Studies and Pedagogy. Her desire to deepen her understanding of dance and enhance her effectivness in teaching and sharing tango motivated her to pursue graduate studies in dance pedagogics at IBT.

Upon completing her dance teaching credential she immediately migrated to Buenos Aires to study and teach tango. She returned to Berlin to work for three years as a full-time freelance tango instructor - mostly in Berlin's largest tango school, Mala Junta. She worked with a great variety of colleagues which fostered an openness for different tecniques and styles. Currently she travels and teaches with Korey Ireland.

"We are continously fascinated with both the tecnique and content of sharing tango with our students. We have a great curiousity for how individual students learn and which ideas and skills bring our students the greatest benefit. Our goal is for students to develop trust and fluency in their own tango body knowledge, through hieghtened awareness/sensitivity. We share insight to and respect for tradition as well as possibilities of tango."

We hope to model openness, curiousity, enthusiasm and respect.

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