"El Pajaro" & Belén

"El Pajaro" (Diego Riemer) and Belén (Maria Belén Giachello) are one of the most popular and reknowned couples in the international's tango scene. Their tango is as intensive and refined as their milonga and vals are full of rhythm and breathtaking musicality. They strive for a continuous search and development of new and original movements without taking anything away from the classical roots of the dance.

"El Pajaro", an artist of many talents, including dancing, music, design and advertising started tango in Buenos Aires, his home town. He began working as a DJ with Felix Picherna and as a dancer with numerous teachers, including Tito Molinari a mysterious and low-profilemaster.

As a former drummer, his rhythmic interpretation of tango, the vals and the milonga is breathtaking and exceptional. He's well-known world wide for his particular milonga style and his remarkable way of turning with an amazing combinations of lapices, enrosques, desenrosques and adornments. Gifted with enormous musicality and musical expression, this unequaled dancer with a remarkable talent for improvisation is a renowned artist, worldwide, for his quality, precision and pedagogy as a dance trainer.

The quickness with which he moves his feet, the lightness of his movements and his capacity to whistle give him his nickname "el Pajaro" (the Bird). He currently lives in France.

Maria Belén Giachello discovered the world of dance at the age of eight at the "Escuela Nacional de Teatro de la Plata" and "La Casa del Tango". She has performed at the "Teatro Argentino" with great artists such as Horacio Ferrer, El Sexteto Mayor, etc. In Buenos Aires her professional career developed as she became part of companies such as El Querandí, El viejo Almacén and La Ventana. She has also taken part in shows with the orchestras of Beba Pugliese, Jorge Dragone, Julián Plaza, José Colángelo and Los Reyes del Tango.

In 2003 Belén moved to France where, besides her career as dancer, she recorded a CD as a tango and folklore singer. A dancer and teacher well known in the international scene, elegant and sensual when she dances, she's famed for her pedagogy based on body consciousness, musicality, communication and expression of feelings. She currently lives in France.

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