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Brief History of Argentine Tango:

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Tips on "Floor Craft" (Improving Navigation Skills)

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CLOTHES and SHOES for classes and milongas:

For Argentine tango classes and dancing we highly recommend wearing comfortable clothes and leather/suede sole shoes. Street shoes are not permitted. Avoid sharp toes, square heels and shoes that leave black marks on the floor.

If you don't have special tango shoes try jazz/dance sneakers as they could be comfortable especially for practicing, otherwise cotton sports socks could be fine for the first classes (the ones which are a bit thicker on the sole).

Shoes tips for gentlemen: gluing a suede sole to sneakers like "Puma" and similar flat-sole shoes will help use them as dance shoes (the fluffy side should be out for better sliding!)
NB: It's not recommended to use them both as dance and street shoes.

Shoes tips for ladies: most popular women's shoes are Comme il Faut, Neotango and Tango Brujo (Comme il Faut tend to be a bit narrow than Neotango), usually the most comfortable heels are 4-5cm/ 7.5-8.5cm.

We highly recommend trying the pair of shoes before bying when it's possible.

Where to buy Shoes for tango >>> (coming soon)