About Us

Vancouver Tango Live Festival (International Argentine Tango Week in Vancouver) is produced by BC Dance and Arts Live society and held in Vancouver BC, Canada, annually in spring. This year TANGO LIVE 2011 takes place on April 14-18th 2011. The agenda includes live performances from masters of tango from Argentina, Europe and North America, classes in Argentine tango, and tango dancing nights (nightly milongas). Tango Live embraces all styles of Argentine Tango as danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires (more on styles at the festival).

Tango Live is a volunteer-based festival run by a team of tango friends mostly residing in Metro Vancouver. Our vision is one of community contribution, with a goal of developing Argentine tango in Vancouver and BC, as well as on the world scene. We also support Tango Therapy and promote tango as a means for rehabilitation. Tango Live's organizer is Randy Foo.